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2021 Tuscany Wine Tour – Room Options & Availability | Vinera Wine Society Wine Tours

2021 Tuscany Wine Tour – Room Options & Availability

Historic Tuscan Farmhouse

This historic Tuscan Farmhouse is over 800 years old and has been completely renovated and decorated in classic Tuscan style. Conveniently located in the heart of Tuscany. This magical place provides you with peacefulness and serenity in the countryside to rejuvenate your soul.  The surrounding gardens provide fresh ingredients for dishes prepared by a local chef.  Relax with wine at the pool or take a walk through the olive orchards. An ideal place to experience the traditional way of Tuscan life.

Camera Grande – $3,995

per person/double occupancy – L29

Lo Studio – $3,795

per person/double occupancy – L14

A large corner studio apartment with a private sitting area on the ground level. Direct access to the courtyard and only a few steps from the dining room and kitchen.

Ottima Vista – $3,795

per person/double occupancy – L27

Stunning view over the Tuscan hills from the second floor. Enjoy your own jacuzzi tub. Please consider that you will need to step into the jacuzzi tub in order to take a shower.

Santanza Fresca – $3,795

per person/double occupancy – L13

Downstairs suite by the courtyard, bright and spacious

Pilastro Suite – $3,795

per person/double occupancy

Downstairs courtyard suite, 2 Double beds

3 Archi Suite – $3,895

per person/double occupancy

Downstairs suite with private entrance to back garden. Sunset side, spacious room with stone arches.

Tre Amici – $3,495 / $3,195

per person/3 person occupancy minimum – L33

Upstairs apartment with 3 separate bedrooms and bathrooms, and a common living room.

Bella Mezza – $3,495

per person/double occupancy – L32

Camera Romantica – $3,495

per person/double occupancy – L28

Camera Tetto – $3,395

per person/double occupancy – L30

Camera Gioco del Cuccu – $3,395

per person/double occupancy – L31


2021 Availability & Pricing

Room Style Sleeps Private Bathroom Price p/p September  19 – 25, 2021
Camera Grande (L29) single studio 2 1 $3,995 not available
Lo Studio (L14) downstairs studio 2 1 $3,795 BOOKED
Ottima Vista (L27) upstairs room 2 1 $3,795 BOOKED
Santanza Fresca (L13) upstairs suite 2   $3,795 BOOKED
Pilastro Suite downstairs suite 2 2 $3,795 BOOKED
3 Archi Suite (L6) downstairs suite with seating area and private entrance to the back garden 2 1 $3,895 BOOKED
Tre Amici (L33) apartment with 3 separate bedrooms and common living room 2










not available

not available

not available

Bella Mezza (L32)  upstairs room 2 1 $3,495 not available
Camera Romantica (L28)  upstairs room  2 1 $3,495 BOOKED
Camera Gioco del Cuccu (L31) downstairs suite 2 1 $3,395 not available
Camera Tetto (L30) downstairs suite 2 1 $3,395 not available
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